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Okay, Interpers? You will stop skipping practice. Like seriously. If you don't want to go to nationals, don't bother to come. Or, don't bother to come if you don't want to go to nationals. and don't freak out at districts or whatnot about not being good enough if you're not comming to practice, and if you're not performing for your superiors and getting critiques. Practice is not screwing around time anymore. Because Bennett's there now. So, get your pieces. You need to decide a piece and learn it. and fast. by next practice. You better not be unsure. Because districts is REALLY close, and none of you are anywhere near ready.
On that note, you will never get away with not doing your pieces for us (varsity members)before a tourniment ever again. Pieces do not "debut" at tourniments. No. You're not good enough on your own. You NEED criteques. I can't spell. We all need criteques. We ask for a second opinion on a lot of things before we do them.

HINT: Do not give the middle finger in your piece. ESPECIALLY for no reason.

Oh, also. I want your ballots. ESPECIALLY, if your names are Greiner and Matre. I'd also like to see Christine's. Has anyone been working with you lately? Now that you're finally performing in the right event for your piece. I'd like to see what the judges think.

If you are skipping practice, you better have an excuse. And by that, I mean it better be a good one. And, that it better be given to us BEFORE you skip. Not, let's make people hunt us down to try to figure out why the hell you couldn't be bothered to come. I'm not waking up early and getting dressed faster and not eating for my own health. I don't need the practice. Unless you feel that you're good enough to qualify for nats, without any help or practice, come to practice. and if you think you don't need us, please let us know.

ESPECIALLY if you're in fucking duo, you best give me the excuse before hand. Oh, and inform your partner. Because your partner needs you. and they need to know that you're not gonna be there. Why should they wake up massively early when there's nothing for them to do without you. You are novices. You need help. As you are a novice, you need to tell a varsity member (in your event, telling Winston that you're skipping interp practice does no one good.) because, we want to help you. and it'd be nice to know that you're gonna be skipping out so that maybe we could try to help you at another time/slip you a note with suggestions, etc.

Next time, we will okay our pieces by the varsity members in our event. Please note, that Billy, great as he is, doesn't quite know what does/doesn't go for the Duo Realm. Because it may be funny and okay in HI, but in Duo, it's not. Duo judges are semi-crazy. and that, you may want to go talk to people who have actually seen DI rounds for what exactly they look for. Because, I, personally, have no fucking clue. lol. You should probably ask to see someone's old ballots, if they keep some. so you can see what 1)ballots say and 2)what judges comment about because that will tell you what they look for.

We all also seem to need a lesson about the proper ettiquite for rounds.
1)You don't brag. You don't talk about being varsity. Or going to nationals. Or the fact that you've won 5 tourniments. It's just one of those things, that we kinda don't want the judges to a)know or b)hear from us. A lot of judges and people etc have heard of our pieces, etc. *shrug* but still. This can create a bias.
2)You try not to cut up too much or talk that much. ESPECIALLY not after someone's name's been called to perform.
3)You watch what you say as soon as a judge enters the room. This goes in hand with #2. and the bias thing. I know that if I were a judge, I'll score you lower based on the way you act as soon as I enter the room. Whether or not you're on stage, etc. For example, the girls that kept talking and entering and exiting the room, you wanted that to affect their scores, didn't you?

Please note that none of these are specific to any one person. A bunch of people have been missing practice, a bunch of people haven't done their pieces for varsity this semester, a bunch of people need to learn how to act in rounds.

Oh, another random thought- Rachel and I couldn't go first that one round because we didn't want to freak people out. Aka-the judge, and the two girls that hadn't done it before. Do you understand what I mean?

Another thing, is that I REALLY don't like having to force people to perform. It's so obnoxious. Just do it, people. And all the socializing is really annoying too. If practice were until 6, ya, I'd understand. But we're not. I'm tired of having to force you to practice. The canoodling with people in other events, and the sitting and talking about dating, etc. need to stop. Yes, even I am guilty of both of these. But ya. For a min or two it's fine. But NOT for the entirety of practice. Because, none of the people I watch do this can afford to. You should want to win. and you should care. It's getting SO annoying to work with you for the entirety of the practices right before we go to tourniments, when you never practice any other time. Because sometimes, Rachel and I never practice because all the sudden there's a rush to have us watch your piece. You will stop going off with the same person every practice to perform for. If we start doing that at practice, I'm going to make a rotating schedule.

All in all, all of the interpers needs to quit being all close-minded and egotistical. Pretty much, there's no point in critiquing because no one listens, or tries out suggestions. You need to just get over your ego problems, or your confidence problems, or your fear, or whatever the hell it is that is keeping you from trying people's suggestions. "I can't" so isn't an excuse. Switch damn events if you're not going to try to act. Go do debate where all you have to do is read off of a sheet with no talent. Quit wasting me time.

It's really sad that a bunch of the old crew of interpers have greatly fixed up their pieces, and added, and changed, and improved, and that I hadn't seen any of it until today. I don't know if Rachel and I have improved since we first started working on this piece, but somewhere along the way Billy did. And he was really good to begin with. Therefore, there's no reason why you shouldn't be practicing either.

I hate practice.
I hate you.
and I hate the team.
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