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Tactile deaths

Wanta see something really funny..... yea... you do!


Nobody posted about Nationals. I feel sad because, I won.... and so I will do the do and WRITE THE LONG AWAITED NATIONALS POST ON LJ!

Nationals was fun. It was in this one school, haven't been there before but it looked quite lame. It was rainy too. That sucks. A lota people won.

PF- did anybody win???
LD- yea, we won... I think it was Kelly and Meg
Policy- I defeated multiple teams with Billy, We were doing so good we had to forfeit(cough cough)
DI- Johnathon won and I almost cried at his piece. It was good, suprsingly.
HI- Yea, I won.... can i brag??? Billy won too. Final rounds = awesome crouds= funnier
OO- Kyle lost again!!!??? No way! I did not see that coming. Megan Waples won again again agian again
Duo- Our 2 minorites(mexican and Aisian) that happen to make up our duo team won of course.
Student congress.... oh... that's a couple of weeks from now!
Extemp- We won and I still don't know what they do..... sorry

It was awesome and I ate off my plaque at Burger King. There might've been some issues with the PFers but they try not to complain, right?

The Tournament after Nationals... = WE ALL LOST(HAHAHAheehehhe)
Johnathon and 5 other people won it. Go extemper and DI and LD. Wow, imagine if we all had won! How much would that have cost!!! Like instead of 4500 it wouldve cost more money than if we had Hoed out Matre to hot women for bundles of cash. Unfortunately Matre isn't needed but we still might have that cool car wash, right? I want to dance while being sprayed with soap by Decker! (mental image dosen't look pretty)

I lost.... and billy's quartet lost and we got 2nd overall. In the words of Joey Chadoin "Fayette High has to win something, right?". That makes me laugh.

Well there you go, I didn't go into bucko detail because I need to go and write in my LJ but that's it in a nutshell. Speaking of nutshells or kidney stones if you want to be technical, I feel soo sorry for Bennett. I hope he isn't scarred, on the inside, I mean. His heart.... man!
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