shohn (shohn) wrote in smhs_debate,

Congress Results

Go Congress. Here's a list of what happened.

House 1:
Top 7 included: Kagi and Megan on the ballot.
Top 3:
3rd: Carrollton, Hoss.
2nd: SMHS, Megan Harrison.
1st: Early County, Bagman.
However, Bagman doesn't think he's going to go. So, Megan Harrison probably will.

House 2:
Top 7 included: Ben and Katie.
Top 3:
3rd: SMHS, Ben Morrell
2nd: McIntosh, Hannah Smith
1st: Carrollton, Josh Wallace aka Roadkill

House 3: My house!
Top 7 non-top 3: Northside, Matt Terrell. SMHS, Kyle Kozlowski. SMHS, David Matre. Carrollton, Shannon Mills.
Top 3:
3rd: Fayette, Aaron Robertson
2nd: Carrollton, Jordan Edwards
1st: SMHS, Shawn Greiner

Top whatever included Molly.
Top 4:
4th: McIntosh, Blake Bliss
3rd: Fayette, Charde Cherry
2nd (to nats): SMHS, Josh Thomas
1st: Some girl from... Lincoln? *shrug*

That's all. It was also Brack's b-day.
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